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Welcome to Eatons Hill Medical Centre

Making our community healthier.

I am Suzie, the practice principal and doctor of Eatons Hill Medical Centre and Senior Lecturer at UQ (University of Qld - School of Medicine - Primary Care).

Our Centre is located at the entrance of the Eatons Hill estates, at the first roundabout of Queen Elizabeth Drive.

We founded this Centre in 2006 and equipped it with modern facilities and technologies. We pride ourselves with the relaxing and spacious waiting area for our patients as well as the indoor and outdoor child play areas. These designs are optimised for comfort and to provide the best possible medical care for our patients.

Apart from providing general medical care for all ages, we also provide allied health services from psychologist and audiologist.

Helping people means a lot to us. We regularly promote and donate to charitable activities as we have a passion for helping people, animals and the environment. We welcome our patients, friends and associates to join us and make a bigger concerted effort to help the less fortunate.

At our Centre, we emphasise the constant need for quality. Our motto is to ensure all patients are well greeted and looked after by our friendly staff and professionals. We believe in providing a personal service, so we do not provide on-line bookings. By ringing us, we can ensure our team will take care of you to the best of our ability. We welcome feedback from patients and visitors alike.

Thank you for visiting us.

Dr. Suzie Ma
Holiday Notice

The centre will be closed  Wed 29th June to Friday 1st July 2022.   We will re-open on Monday 4th July

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Our New Fee Schedule

Our new fee schedule from 1st May 2022 is as follow:     Fee Medicare Refund Out of Pocket Cost Standard Fee   Short $35.00 $17.10 $17.90   Standard Appointment $80.00 $39.75 $40.25   Double Appointment $125.00 $76.95 $48.05   Triple Appointment $170.00 $113.30 $56.70   Appts exceeding 45 mins $200.00 $113.30 $86.70 HCC Holders […]

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Free Flu vaccination

We stock both government and private vaccines. Government Vaccines: It is provided free for all people in Queensland. The enhanced flu vaccine for over 65 years old is available to doctor practices only. Therefore, please DO NOT go to the pharmacy. Egg and Cell base vaccines: Egg base vaccines are provided free by the Government. […]

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We support Ukraine

We would like your help as well to support Ukraine for the brutal attack by Russia. Please kindly donate to the Ukrainians. This is just something little that we could do for this country and its people. We really feel helpless for them. The followings are some of the suggested websites. Unicef: Redcross: […]

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Policy for unvaccinated patients

IF YOU ARE NOT VACCINATED  Unvaccinated non urgent appointments will require a RAT test with negative result prior to appointment. The RAT test ($15) will be provided by our practice, which is > 98% accurate. This includes carer of the patient (parents, guardians, allied health professionals etc). Alternatively, you are welcome to consider a telephone […]

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Eatons Hill Medical Centre
2 Marylin Terrace
Eatons Hill Qld 4037
Ph: 3325 5559
Fax: 3325 5551

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