I consider myself to be concerned and passionate about the well-being of the world such as global financial crises, struggles amongst people, races, religions and countries, extensive urban developments, increasing levels of mental and psychological stress to people, global warming and Mother Nature at risk.

I believe in positive thinking, i.e. it is always good to be conscientious and prepared to help, no matter how little my help may be. If I can provide a small contribution to the world whenever I can, I am happier as I believe I have made a small difference. If more people do the same, the difference becomes more significant, human relationships becomes more amiable, and human interactions become more amicable.

This centre has been contributing charity donations directly or indirectly to areas impacted by natural disasters and to organizations such as RSPCA, Guidedog, and other sponsorships to endangered animals. I encourage you to refer to our links to related websites for more information. Let us make these concerns our common goal.

I always feel bad whenever I witness animals get hit and badly injured by cars. My heart aches and I feel helpless whenever I see cruelty to animals. Some people and in particular, children, do not know what they are doing. Hence, I am very keen and anxious to set up a rescue centre for helpless animals. I am determined to achieve this goal in my life and am taking steps to realize this dream of mine. If you can join, we can make the world a little better together.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts.

Dr. Suzie Ma

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