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The following article was published in the newsletter of GP Partners ( Brisbane North Division of General Practice) in May 2008.

Yes. You can help victims of natural disasters

Eatons Hill GP, Dr Suzie Ma has been moved by the recent devastating earthquake in Sichuan province, China and the cyclone attack in Burma. She is encouraging the local community and the health profession to donate to relief efforts.

Dr Ma has made available flyers and donation envelopes to local schools and organizations. She is also sending relief information to patients of her clinic and patients in other clinics as well. It is gratifying to see the overwhelming responses she has received.

Dr Ma says she was motivated to action because of the magnitude of destruction and the extent of human sufferings in China which are comparable to, if not worse than, the cyclone devastation in Burma. Seeing how victims helping victims, civilians and government bodies working 24 hours a day in desperate strive to rescue those still being buried in the debris with such vigour and impetus and parents and orphan bawling for their lost ones in panic, Dr Ma feels that she cannot sit on the fence anymore, but do something tangible here in Australia despite the fact that she cannot be there physically.

At the break of the tragic news, she wasted no time but to try to find out where and how to send her donation. It has been quite a bit of effort for her to locate the organisation concerned. Hence, she thinks that it will be useful to disseminate the list of official organisations to local communities to facilitate and encourage people to make donations.

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