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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our Centre is located at the entrance of the Eatons Hill Estates, a private dwelling at the first roundabout of Queen Elizabeth Drive. We are located across the road, back of IGA shopping complex.

Do you have online bookings?

We do not have online bookings. We provide a personalised service over the phone with our staff.  This way, we can recommend the best arrangement and length for your appointment. This would maximise the benefit of your visit and assist the doctors to run on time.

Do I have to make an appointment or can I just walk in?

We would appreciate if you could call us for an appointment .This allows us to manage waiting times to ensure you are seen within a reasonable time.  You are welcome to walk in and book appointments and the staff will advise the earliest available time to see the doctor.

Is it possible to have telephone consultations?

Appointments are required for consultations and patients are encouraged to make a follow-up appointment for results.

Phone and video consultation are available in this practice. Please discuss with our staff to check for suitability.

Standard billing policy applies and only attract Medicare Rebate if you have previous face to face consultation in the last 12 months.

Do you Bulk Bill?

This is a mixed billing practice.

We bulk bill patients who are ATSI and Veterans' Affairs. We bulk bill Aged Pensioner after the first 3 initial visits.

We bulk bill routine childhood immunisations if given by the nurse. Procedures are also bulk billed - a consultation fee may apply. Treatment room fee may apply to some procedures.
Discounts apply for HCC and other concession card holders such as Disability pension and Spousal pension.
Please contact staff for full details of consultation fees.

When will I receive my Medicare rebate?

You can register your bank account details with Medicare and claim using electronic fund transfer, where benefits will usually be deposited into your bank account the next business day.

What is the waiting time to have an appointment?

We do our best to assist patients within a reasonable time-frame.  If your appointment is urgent, please advise the receptionist at time of booking.

Does the doctor run on time?

We understand time is precious for everyone and we make every effort to keep our appointments on time.

We would appreciate very much if you could discuss with our staff regarding the nature of your visit so that appropriate consultation time could be allocated for you. This would prevent the doctors running late and ensure the doctor will be on time to see you and other patients. Longer appointments are available for your needs.

Arriving on time could also help doctors to run on time.  Please arrive on time for appointments. There are times that doctors can run late due to an emergency or patients with serious illness. We thank-you for your patience and understanding.

How do I receive my results?

Please make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss results. Results are only disclosed to the patient concerned. If tests are worth doing, it is worth knowing your result in detail.

How do I obtain a medical certificate?

A medical certificate can be provided following a consultation. It cannot be backdated.

Do I need to make an appointment for a referral?

Referrals for specialists are usually written at the time of consultation. With this in mind all referrals will require an appointment to be made. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAN A DOCTOR BACKDATE A REFERRAL.

Do I need to make an appointment for a repeat prescription?

Most prescriptions provide sufficient medication to last until your specific condition needs to be reviewed. Therefore an appointment is required for all repeat prescriptions. Phone consultation is available subject to the nature of request. Standard billing policy applies.

How is my confidentiality managed?

Our practice policy maintains security of personal health information at all times. Personal information is confidential and only available to authorised members of staff.

Does the doctor do home visit?

We encourage our patients to come in for the consultation. Where this is not possible, please contact our staff to discuss other options. Home visits attract a significant out of pocket cost.

How can I see a doctor after hours?

A home visit can be arranged through our after hours deputising services.

  • The National Home Doctor Service: 13 SICK (13 7425).
  • The Australian After Hours Doctors: 1300 Home Dr (1300 4663 37).
  • Hello Home Doctor Service: 13 41 00

How do I transfer my medical records from my old practice/doctor to this practice?

Please ask the administration team and they will assist you with a "transfer of medical records" request. It is a common practice that your previous doctor might request a fee.

How do I transfer my medical records to other practice?

It is a common practice for you to sign a medical record request form provided by your new doctor. Upon receiving this form, we shall process your request. A summary of your record is provided free of charge. There may be a fee to cover the administrative time if you request more information.

What happens if I missed a school vaccination?

If you have missed a vaccination at school, please discuss with the doctor. We offer a catch up service and generally the vaccinations are free if it is within the government time frame.

At Eatons Hill Medical Centre, all vaccinations are kept on site and are able to be administered during your consultation.

What is your cancellation policy?

There may be a cancellation fee if we do not receive notice of your cancellation or you miss an appointment.

For cancellation of an appointment, we appreciate if we are contacted at least 3 hours prior to your appointment.   This enables us to reschedule the day for other patients.

Please note that the cancellation fee CANNOT be claimed back from Medicare.

Where do I go for my travel vaccinations?

We provide travel advice and vaccination. Please make an appointment to discuss your travel vaccination. At Eatons Hill Medical Centre, all vaccinations are kept on site and we are usually able to provide you the immunisation during your visit.


What happens when Dr Ma is not available?

When no doctor is available, please contact the afterhours services, attend other medical centres as directed by our staff or follow the options in our phone message. In emergency, please call ambulance on 000 or attend the hospital emergency department. We apologise in advance that Dr Ma is not available to assist you.

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