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Welio Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

I am trying to register but it won’t accept my mobile number.

Welio was developed using the international recognition of phone numbers. When you enter your mobile number in, you will need to enter it with +61 at the beginning followed by your mobile number (but leave out the zero at the front).

What is my position for the Medicare Number?

The Medicare number is unique to your family but each member on the card has a position number, otherwise know as Individual Reference Number. Look at the card and find the number to the left of your name. This is your position number.

Do I need to register each family member separately?

We recommend all patients over the age of 18 years to register their own account. Welio only allows one mobile number per registration. If you are sharing a mobile number, you will need to use the same account. In most cases, this will be for parents of dependents e.g. children under 18 years of age.

My daughter tried to register her own Welio account but it won’t accept it as she doesn’t have a mobile number. She tried to put my mobile number in but it says ‘The mobile number you entered already exists in Welio’.

Welio uses your mobile number as one of your unique identifiers. Each registrant will need to put in their own mobile number. If they don’t have one, your family member can use your Welio account for their appointments.

I received an error message when I tried to enter my appointment. What can I do?

Log out and log back in. This sometimes happens if you have been logged in for a long time.

My credit card has changed. How do I update my details?

Click on settings then Payment Details. Here you can add another credit card. You will need to select it as your default card by selecting it. Once completed a tick will be present next to the card number.

How is my privacy protected?

Welio does not disclose information to anyone except the relevant Health Professional and your clinic staff. Welio utilises platforms that meet international standards for information management security including Microsoft Azure, Twillio, Firebase and Stripe.

I can’t find how to book an appointment in Welio.

Currently Welio is not set up as an online booking platform integrated with clinic software. You will need to book with your healthcare provider via your practice’s usual booking processes e.g. by phoning the practice or using their online booking platform.

How do I cancel my Welio appointment?

Currently all appointments need to be made via your practice’s normal booking processes e.g. by phone or the practices online booking system. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so via your practices usual processes for cancelling an appointment i.e. call the practice or cancel via their online booking platform if you have booked online. Your practice will then cancel the appointment in Welio for you.

How will I get my Medicare rebate?

Welio will process your payment for your consultation with your doctor but does not process your Medicare rebate if eligible. If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate, your doctor’s reception team will send your claim to Medicare on your behalf. This usually takes 24-48 hours to be processed and the money deposited in to your bank account. To ensure you receive your Medicare rebate, make sure you have your current bank details registered with Medicare.

My doctor normally bulk bills me. Will I still be charged by Welio?

If your doctor bulk bills you there will be no charges made against your credit card, including the normal Welio fee.

I was bulk billed but received an email saying payment successful.

Welio still sends you a successful payment email but the amount billed says $0. This is confirmation for you that no charge has been made against your credit card for that particular appointment.

I’m in the waiting room but I can’t see my doctor.

Just like an actual waiting room, your doctor or health care provider may sometimes run a bit late. We recommend you continue to wait. If your wait time is too long, we recommend you call the reception team at your practice to ask about your waiting time.

My doctor can hear me but can’t see me

Make sure when enter the virtual waiting room that you click OK to your mobile device accessing your camera. This can be changed in Settings -> Permissions

My doctor can see me but can’t hear me.

Make sure when enter the virtual waiting room that you click OK to your mobile device accessing your microphone.  This can be changed in Settings -> Permissions

Can I send attachments to my health care provider through Welio?

Currently you can message your health care provider during your consultation, but you are not able to upload attachments such as documents. If you need to send your doctor a document, we recommend you email it to your practice.

I’ve sent my health care provider a message during the consultation. How do I get back to the video?

After you send a message, click on the video icon on the top right-hand side of your screen to return to the video. Don’t click on the back arrow as this will end the consultation. If you do, simply click on the appointment then re-enter the waiting room to re-connect with your health care provider.

I’ve finished the consultation, how do I get back to the dashboard?

Click on the back arrow at the top left-hand side of the screen. This will take you back to the main dashboard.

I can’t change my email or mobile phone number in Edit profile.

These are currently locked as they form part of your unique Welio profile. If you need to change your email or phone number, please contact our support team at

Some of the other functions in the dashboard don’t work. How do I get access to these?

Below ‘My Appointments’ on your app, you will see ‘My Clinics’, ‘My Teams’ and ‘My Messages’. These functions will be released in the near future to further enhance how and when you engage with your healthcare providers

What is the PIN for?

The PIN is so that you can log back into Welio quickly without having to put in your email or mobile number and password each time.

How do I set up my PIN?

If you didn’t set up your PIN during the initial registration process, you can set it up anytime by going into settings (clicking on the cog wheel) the clicking on notifications. Click on the grey bar to the left of Enable Pin. Now enter a 4-digit PIN. The slide bar will now appear green.

How do I turn notifications off?

Go to settings (the cog wheel). Click on permissions then click on notifications. The bar will slide to the left and turn grey. However, this will stop you receiving any text or email reminders/notifications from Welio.

How can I see what past appointments I’ve had and how much I was charged?

Your past appointment history can be accessed via settings. Click on the cog wheel then click on Appointment History. You will see a list of all completed appointments that have been conducted via Welio. Click on a particular appointment to find out more details about it.

I can’t remember my password. How do I get back in?

If you have forgotten your password to access the app, click on Sign in then click on Forgotten Password. You will then be prompted to put in your mobile phone number and will be sent a re-set code by SMS. You need to enter you phone number with the country code first ie. +61 then your mobile (remove the zero at the beginning). Enter the 6-digit code. You will now be prompted to enter a new password. Enter then new password then click on Save. You will now be taken to the dashboard and can use Welio.

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